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  • Carpet Repair

    In some cases carpets may need more than a simple cleaning; they may need to be repaired. This is especially true in high-traffic areas or rough commercial applications. In these cases All Seasons can make any repairs needed to the carpeting before we clean them. Most carpet cleaning companies do not offer carpet repair services as well. If they do offer repairs, the repairs are often makeshift and will not last. All Seasons will clean and repair your carpeting, leaving you with a freshly cleaned and repaired carpet that looks just as good as the day it was installed.

    • Ripples & Buckling
    • Frayed Edges
    • Pet Damage


    Do you have carpet that is perfectly good except for annoying ripples running through the center of the room? Maybe your vacuum cleaner or dog has grabbed a row of your berber yanked out a foot or more. Or one winter night your beautifully glowing fireplace popped out some embers that melted one or more areas of carpet.

    We can fix these concerns. Those aggravating damage spots will be gone and you won’t be reminded of them every time you walk in the room.

    Give us a call at . We’ll inspect those spots and let you know what we can do.
    Honestly, there are times a carpet cannot be repaired, but we’ll let you know and it won’t cost you anything.